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Jeff McNeil's perfectly orchestrated campaign ended with him getting a puppy

Prior to the Mets' Friday night game against the Pirates, Jeff McNeil was a bit distracted. The North Shore Animal League brought a bunch of incredibly cute and good dogs looking for a new home to the park.

The cuteness of one dog in particular was too much for McNeil and he had to step away from batting practice to seek him out and try to adopt him.

What appeared to be a distraction turned into a bit of extra motivation for McNeil as he proceeded to homer in his team's 6-3 victory as part of his campaign to convince his wife to agree to adopt the puppy. Well, it didn't take long for that campaign to end in success. On Saturday, the McNeils welcomed a furry new member to their household:

Now that he has a puppy, we expect McNeil to homer every day. That's how these things work -- he said so himself. Hopefully this leads to a movement of players getting new puppies to boost their home run totals.