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Jeff McNeil was so determined to adopt a puppy that he homered to prove a point to his wife

The Mets held an adoption clinic prior to their Friday night game against the Pirates. The North Shore Animal League brought a wonderful group of furry friends seeking a home, and one puppy turned out to be a huge hit with Jeff McNeil.

The All-Star was so taken by the little guy that he interrupted his batting practice session to talk to his wife, Tatiana, about adopting him.

Tatiana wasn't sure about it and said that they would need a little time to decide. (How she was not convinced by this adorable image alone, I will never know.)

So, McNeil decided to make his case in the game. In the bottom of the third, he crushed a three-run blast off Dario Agrazal to put the Mets in front:

Coincidence that McNeil did this after holding a puppy? The infielder didn't think so:

It's promising that the McNeils will be seeing the puppy on Saturday! There might be hope yet.

All I'm saying is that McNeil isn't wrong. The strength to hit homers might very well come from holding dogs. He needs the little guy to help boost his performance even higher. It's only the noble thing to do. For the pup, of course.

As McNeil mused, "How could you not be happy with a puppy in your hands?"

Point taken. I'm happy just looking at this.