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Dogs are the best workout partners

As man’s best friend, dogs make nearly every activity more enjoyable. A walk in the park? Better with a dog. A quiet evening reading with a glass of wine? Better with a dog snuggled up right next to you. A road trip? Better with your good boy sticking his head out the window wagging his tongue.

As the new year approaches and we’re all thinking about New Years resolutions – you’ve probably thought about some resolution along the line of “work out more” or “go to the gym at least four times per week.” Despite your noblest intentions, these all end up in failure by the time the calendar has turned to February.

You know why you failed? It’s not because you’re lazy or wishy-washy or too busy at work. It’s because you have never made your dog a core part of your workout plan!

So, if you have your sights on getting in better shape in 2020, all you need to do is grab your good boy or girl and head out the door. You have nothing to lose but a few beats on your resting heart rate.

Dogs are perfect running companions. If they’re good enough for a Major League pitcher, they’re surely good enough for the rest of us. I mean, just take a look at this! How could you not get out the door for a run – regardless of rain or cold temperatures – when a cute buddy such as this is going to be right by your side – or, let’s be honest, a little bit out in front, probably chasing a squirrel?

Of course, running with a dog is nothing new. If you’ve ever gone to a popular running path or trail in your neighborhood, you’ve likely seen dozens of people out for a jog with their dogs.

Dogs are nothing if not versatile. Everyone knows you can play fetch with them. That’s the quintessential dog activity.

It may look like Willow is working on his fetching and catching skills here, and that’s certainly the case. But Jeff McNeil is also likely getting in some good practice on flipping the ball to a teammate to start a double play.

Clearly, this is the secret we’ve all been waiting for to finally realize our annual commitment to work out more.

The best part of dog-accompanied workouts is that it doesn’t stop with running and fetching. Goat yoga is a thing despite the fact that goats are kind of weird and smelly, not to mention that you likely don’t live in the same house as a goat. Dog yoga sounds way better. Who wouldn’t want a 100-pound dog standing on their back?

You can probably bench press a dog, too, especially if you have a larger one on hand. You’ll get to spend more quality time with your best friend, and he will get the joy of moving up and down in the air. Think of it like a DIY rollercoaster for your dog.

If you're not up for that, you can always work on that upper-body strength by grabbing a shovel and helping with that hole he's digging in the yard or on the beach.

There’s no doubt: Your very good boy is the key to finally realizing your New Years Resolution.

Just look at this guy and tell me he could do half of this without the inspiration of his cute little dog.

Grab your dog and get out the door for a workout. All the cool kids are doing it to roaring success.