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Dogs posed gloriously when the Brewers combined Bark at the Park with Simba Cam

One of the better in-game entertainment innovations of the past decade has been the introduction of Simba Cam. Just like Rafiki did at the beginning of "The Lion King," you raise whatever is nearby up to the sky like a newborn cub. Maybe it's your baby. Maybe it's your stuffed animal. Maybe it's your popcorn! Whatever works.

The Brewers had a brilliant idea to make Simba Cam even better. They already had Bark at the Park scheduled for Tuesday night with some wonderful pups at Miller Park.

So what if you combine the two concepts?

The answer was, well, sheer perfection:

These dogs are simply the best, like the doodle mix who had Simba lion ears ...

... and the big ol' Golden Retriever who was hard to lift but was just happy to be involved!

I just wish that this enormous Great Dane could've gotten involved as well. He makes that goldie look small.

We should get Eric Thames on the job to pick him up. That Great Dane is large, but I trust in Thames' muscles.