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The heat wave was so bad that Domingo German and Sean Newcomb's ballcaps were dripping with sweat

A heat wave has struck the planet. All-time heat records have fallen this week and we puny humans are left to sweat through our days. While most of us get to work inside an air-conditoned building, so we only have to deal with the embarrassment of an armpit stain and a general clammy feeling, baseball players have to go outside and exercise. The Braves and Yankees had to deal with that on Tuesday night when the two squared off in 84 degree weather with 86 percent humidity. 
Domingo Germán seemed to sweat so much that not only was his cap dripping, but he was in such desperate need of liquid that he took a sip off of the brim: 

His opposition, Sean Newcomb, may spend his days pitching farther south in Atlanta but he wasn't faring any better. He was leakier than a bad roof during monsoon season. 

Now, granted, the pitchers may have dipped their caps in some water like they were back in Little League, but with New York having been overtaken by humidity, it wouldn't be a shock if it was all sweat. But really, what is a human being if not a sweat machine?