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This kid got Edgar Martinez's face shaved and painted into the back of his head

There are a lot of different ways to show your favorite baseball player you love and appreciate them. You can go to a game and make a giant sign. You can write them a letter and mail it. You can even get their face tattooed on your arm. So many options!
But having a barber shave your favorite player's face into your head and then having that barber detail that portrait with colored pencils feels like a new realm of fandom. So shouts out to this fan who got new Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez's mug etched and stenciled on the back of his head.

This artistic masterpiece took place in Puerto Rico and was done by a barber/artist named Anthony Reyes. Reyes said that he designed this haircut as a tribute to Martinez, who recently became the fifth player from the Caribbean island to get inducted to the Hall of Fame. 
So the next time you tell someone that you're a big fan of a particular player, make sure you've got that player's face printed on the back of your head first. That's true fandom.