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The Mariners celebrated Edwin Diaz's 50th save by offering fans haircuts, 'Diaz-style'

On Aug. 25, Edwin Díaz became the first closer in Mariners history to notch a 50-save season, securing a remarkable milestone and forcing his manager, Scott Servais, to adopt his haircut in accordance with a preseason bet.
The Mariners wanted to share the fun with their fans too, so during their 2-1 win on Monday, they offered a special promotion: Electric Eddie's Ticket Special. The deal included a T-shirt, allowed fans to sit in the Electric Eddie's Barber Shop sections in left and center field and -- most importantly -- to get a haircut at Electric Eddie's that matched Diaz and Servais.

Perfect. Diaz notching save No. 52 at the end of the game was just the icing on the cake.
One fan even offered a glimpse at the haircut process:

Others also took to social media to share their new looks, and the Mariners later tweeted some of their favorites:

Without a doubt, these haircuts are all Diaz-approved.