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'The Ellen Show' and Justin Verlander teamed up to make some Astros fans' dreams come true

Earlier this week, "The Ellen Show" held a special event in Houston, right outside Minute Maid Park a few hours before the Astros played the White Sox. After some cryptic social media teases urging Astros fans to show up decked out in their finest and flashiest Astros gear, a few lucky fans became participants in a segment on Friday afternoon's show.

Ellen's staff was joined by none other than Justin Verlander, who showed up and honestly looked pretty convincing with a microphone. After a few minutes of anticipation, "The Ellen Show" -- with Ellen herself joining via video conference from California -- pitted some fans against each other in a competition.

When it was all said and done, one fan won a brand new car and another won $10,000 cash.

That's a fun afternoon.