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Eloy Jimenez's 471-foot homer left the entire White Sox dugout in shock

Due to the inherent nature of professional sports, it can be easy to forget that even world-class athletes are, at their core, humans just like the rest of us -- and even they can be shocked by what they see on the field.

Had there been a microphone working in the White Sox dugout during Sunday's game against the Royals, it'd likely have picked up some exclamations of slack-jawed surprise at the sight of Eloy Jiménez's 471-foot monster shot to center field:

I'm sorry. Did you see where that ball landed? This little white speck under the yellow arrow is the ball, disappearing into the area well beyond center field.

It's worth pointing out that Jimenez's blast was a bit reminiscent of Bo Jackson's epic leadoff homer in the 1989 All-Star Game.

Both majestic shots, for sure, totally worthy of shock and awe.