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Once again, Elvis Andrus didn't abide by the rule of never touching Adrian Beltre on the head

There are many important rules when it comes to the game of baseball. One of the most important rules you must know and must follow is to never (ever) touch Adrián Beltré on his head. Well, Elvis Andrus never abides by this rule, and Beltre knows it.
In the fourth inning during the Rangers' 4-2 win on Tuesday night, Beltre hit a home run over the left-field fence. When he ran into the dugout after crossing the plate, his teammates were there to greet him which meant -- yep, Andrus was going to touch his head. And how did Beltre react to that? Well:

Once again, we remind you: Don't touch Adrian Beltre's head, because it won't be pretty.
"Can I go to jail for that?" Beltre told's T.R. Sullivan. "Somtimes I'm serious, I want to kill him. But you're not allowed to do that to one of your teammates."