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It's time to vote for the best MLB social media post of the year

If you have been anywhere near a newspaper, television or computer in the past few weeks, you've been told to vote. Presumably by now you're ready -- ready to vote for the Esurance MLB Awards, that is. Today's category is: Best Social Media Post. "Best" can mean "funniest," "most emotional" or even "raddest gif" -- it's up to you. Just make sure to cast your vote here before 2 p.m. ET on Nov. 11.
Nominee: Dodgers celebrate Scully

Vin Scully was ready to celebrate after calling his final game at Dodger Stadium -- a walk-off win that clinched the NL West.

Nominee: Don't blame Thor

Noah Syndergaard's nickname is "Thor," who you might also know as the Norse God of Thunder. But on one July night, our pal Noah disowned a lightning bolt that struck the Empire State Building. (A likely story, Noah.) 

Nominee: Flying helmet trick

Jose Ramirez's helmet seemingly defied the laws of physics after being kicked into the air on a slide. Tell us that's not fun to watch. 

Nominee: Stanton likes "Star Wars" Day

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May the 4th be with you from ChewyG 👹

A post shared by Giancarlo Stanton (@giancarlo818) on

Chewbacca Mom is cool. Chewbacca Giancarlo is cooler. 

Remember: Vote here before 2 p.m. ET on Nov. 11. Winners will be announced live on Nov. 18 on MLB Network and Think something above is truly #AwardWorthy? Craft your own excellent social media post using that hashtag, and get your friends to vote for your favorite nominee.