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The Reds' Eugenio Suarez gave some Dodgers fans grief for wearing the wrong cap at the ballpark

At games, we hold players in deep reverence. Their ambivalence to our presence is what gives them the mythical status we apply to them, as if they're able to just ignore tens of thousands of fans cheering (or jeering) them from the stands. But when a player breaks the fourth wall, so to speak, it can be a bit surreal.

Dodgers fans travel well. There's even an organized group of fans that follows the team around the league on road trips -- so it's not uncommon to see blue blanketed in the crowd in stadiums where there otherwise isn't an abundance of it.

This all came to a head in the sixth inning of the Dodgers' 6-0 win over the Reds in Cincinnati on Friday night. Ranging over by the box seats chasing a foul ball, Eugenio Suárez had some good-natured fun with a dad and son, both clad in Dodger blue:

It's easy to imagine the message here. "You're wearing the wrong cap, kid!" or something to that effect, all meant in fun of course.

Across the infield, Joey Votto no doubt appreciated Suarez's gesture here. After all, he's the king of trolling opposing teams' fans ...