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A fan in London broke all the rules with his Red Sox-Yankees combo hat

As the home of both the Queen's Guard and Sherlock Holmes, the city of London is no stranger to unique hats. It's one thing to don a cap that is visually shocking and slightly goofy, but it's quite another when that same hat seems specifically designed to anger as many people as possible.

During the second game of the London Series between the Yankees and Red Sox on Sunday, a fan showed up to the park committed to cheering on both teams and equally committed to needed no more than one hat for the job:

Setting questions of the blasphemy of joining the Yankees and Red Sox together in one hat aside, this fan has achieved an impressive feat of engineering meshing together two hats to look as good as this one does.

Thanks to his ingenuity, we can be sure that this fan will leave the ballpark happy. The team on his cap is guaranteed to win.

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