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A man in a full-on purple Rays suit and tie also managed to snag a home run ball 

There is no dress code at a baseball game. Shorts, T-shirts, promotional swag from your local bank -- all of it is acceptable. In fact, it's often preferable to the dark suits and business casual attire that you'll see people wear when they head to the park straight from work.

However, this intrepid Rays fan showed just how good you can look with a little bit of effort. Donning a purple jacket, pink button down shirt and purple Rays cap, and paired with a well-manicured mustache, this man looked less like your standard baseball fan and more like a magical door-to-door salesman. Or, I guess, Willy Wonka.

His wardrobe selection paid off: He caught Tommy Pham's home run ball and got to show off for the camera. Guess he's got fashion and function.

Should all fans start dressing up in hopes of looking good for the cameras after snagging a ball? It's not a terrible idea.