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Despite plenty of training and a special outfit, Paul Byrd lost his race against The Freeze

Paul Byrd -- the former big leaguer with the windmilling arms -- tried his best. He trained hard, even chasing chickens and carrying heavy wooden boards. He dressed for success -- donning red, white and blue shorts, woodshop goggles and an '80s action hero-esque blonde wig. But in the end, the 46-year-old's legs just weren't enough. 
During the Braves' 2-0 loss to the Phillies in Sunday's home finale, Byrd lined up against The Freeze. He looked good through the first stretch, but as the teal spandex'd hero kicked up into another gear, Byrd looked gassed when he passed the center-field wall. 
Even with the entire Braves bullpen giving moral support, Byrd lost to the Freeze: 

But hey, even Rocky lost in the first film. Maybe Byrd just needs to chase more chickens: