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After some serious confusion, it was revealed that this foul ball was hit on the fly into a ball bag

Home is a special place. It's familiar, it's warm, it's ... well, it's home
In the fifth inning of the Rays' 4-0 loss to the Yankees on Tuesday at Tropicana Field, Ji-Man Choi laced a line-drive foul down the right-field line. It came to a landing by the Rays bullpen, where it was quickly picked up and -- 
Oh. No, that's not what happened. Nobody could find the ball, actually, during a few seconds of total confusion:

Turns out, the ball somehow landed right back in the friendly confines of home: A baseball bag in the pile of equipment at the end of the bullpen bench. 
Who says you can't go home? Take it away, Bon Jovi: