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Keith Hernandez was impressed by a diving play into the tarp from the Mets' ballboy

A barrage of homers led the Mets to a 4-1 win over the D-backs on Sunday afternoon, but SNY broadcaster/Twitter celebrity Keith Hernandez might have been most impressed by the work of the team's left-field ballboy.
Shortly before Asdrúbal Cabrera crushed a pinch-hit homer off Jorge De La Rosa to put the Mets ahead, he fouled a ball off to the left side. Sensing an opportunity, the ballboy waited for the ball to carom off the tarp.
It went a little further away than expected, but he was quick to adjust:

The ballboy went straight into the tarp, but he came up with the ball, causing Hernandez to exclaim, "Oh, nice play!" From the look of his face, he knew it, too.
No pain, no gain. Wait until Hadji hears the news.