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Callie the Mets fan finally got to take her prom photos at Citi Field

You may remember Callie Quinn, the Mets fan who went viral after asking the team if she could have her prom photos taken at Citi Field. The bar was set at a whopping 500,000 retweets, and somehow, Callie cleared it, earning her a date on the diamond before her prom night -- and a visit to her high school from one Mr. Met.
We're pleased to report that, after months of waiting, Callie's special day finally arrived prior to Friday's game against the D-backs -- and as she told's Anthony DiComo, it was exactly as cool as you'd imagine:

She may have broken down a bit, but Michael Conforto clearly didn't mind: 

Neither did Adrian Gonzalez: 

But really, what would any pre-prom be without a dance? Luckily, reliever Jerry Blevins was happy to oblige:

And then, last but not least, it was time to meet her hero -- the man whose Twitter game helped make this whole thing possible, Noah Syndergaard:

Let this be a lesson to all you dreamers out there: If you can tweet it, you can achieve it.