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Francisco Arcia nearly hit Shohei Ohtani with a foul ball in his first career AB ... and later atoned with a home run

The first big league at-bat is always stressful: You're in a new situation with new teammates and you desperately don't want to make a mistake. Called up to face the White Sox on Thursday afternoon after Martin Maldonado was traded to the Astros, Francisco Arcia nearly made the biggest faux pas imaginable in his first big league at-bat: He almost hit Shohei Ohtani.
When the rookie catcher came to bat for the first time in the bottom of the second, he lined Dylan Covey's fastball directly into the dugout. Ohtani ducked out of the way and then stayed in the protective cringe which saved him from the beaning: 

Yeah, not exactly the best way to make a first impression. Arcia made up for it, though.
In the bottom of the seventh, with the Angels holding a slim 6-5 lead, Arcia smashed a three-run shot to give the team some breathing room in their 12-8 victory.