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The newest baseball workout craze is apparently pushing a wheelbarrow of rocks around a field

All hail Francisco Cervelli. The Pirates catcher is at it again. The man who has already established himself as baseball's most experimental and exploratory workout guy, is back, taking things to an all new level of bizarre. We've already seen him crawl around on a beach, dribble a tennis ball on one leg and ghost wrestle the 2018 MLS MVP Josef Martinez.
But Cervelli is not a man who rests on his laurels. He's a boundary pusher and apparently a wheelbarrow pusher too because his most recent outlandish workout routine involves him pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks across an open field.

There are a few different patterns across Cervelli's exercises, but the one thing consistent in every single video is that he's never wearing a shirt or shoes.
It's like the only thing this guy hates more than doing a traditional weightlifting routine is wearing a shirt. And who can blame him? At work he usually has to wear at least two shirts -- an undershirt and his uniform -- not to mention the chest protector is sort of like a shirt too. Between the no shirt, no shoes and the wacky workouts, Cervelli is "doing him" and we applaud him for it and cannot wait to see what he does next.