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Francisco Lindor's mom made some killer lasagna for the broadcast booth during ALCS Game 2

Francisco Lindor has accomplished a whole lot for a 22-year-old -- after finishing second in AL Rookie of the Year voting last season, he made his first All-Star appearance in 2016 while slashing .301/.358/.435, hitting 15 homers, establishing himself as a demigod at shortstop and leading the Indians to their first ALCS since 2007.
He's also, you know a 22-year-old. And when he's not hitting clutch postseason dingers and dispensing joy to Northeast Ohio, he's doing what a lot of 22-year-olds would do: namely, he lives with his mom and eats all of her food. This isn't just any food, though. You see, Francisco Lindor's mom just happens to make the best lasagna we've ever seen. And to prove it, she decided to send some to the broadcast booth before Cleveland's 2-1 win in ALCS Game 2.
The reviews were -- well, we're not sure what they were, because Ernie Johnson and Ron Darling were too busy eating: 

All we're saying is Lindor's Lasagna seems like an ideal name for Northeast Ohio's premier pasta chain.