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If you were wondering: Yes, Francisco Lindor's hair is still electric blue and yes, it looks fantastic

This is a simple message, but it's one that warrants attention by its very nature: Francisco Lindor's hair is blue.
Like, really, really blue. Think of the most electric-blue cotton candy-type hue of blue, and you're on the right track: 

The Indians star first showed off this look a few weeks ago, and I, for one, am glad to see it wasn't a short-term thing. 
Lindor sported that hair at Spring Training on Monday, proudly showing it off for an appearance in which he updated the gathered media about his progress recovering from a calf strain that put him on the shelf for the time being. 
And, thanks to that blue hair, he provided that update while looking pretty slick: 

Why blue? Well, Lindor explained his decision to the media Monday, as reported by's Mandy Bell:
"I got bored. I found blue and I hadn't done blue yet, so here I am. I might do something crazy at some point. I don't know. I'll post something on social media at some point asking for any ideas. I might turn into Hulk and be green."
OK. Now that you've been made aware that Lindor's hair is, in fact, still blue, you may continue on with your Monday.