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Before Saturday's game, Francisco Lindor watched Puerto Rico in the Little League World Series

This spring, Francisco Lindor and Team Puerto Rico inspired the country as they went on a marvelous run to the World Baseball Classic final. Their blonde locks were so iconic, there was a massive run on hair bleach in the country as everyone wanted to support Team Rubio (Team Blonde in Spanish). 
Now, the Little League version of Team Puerto Rico is repaying the favor. It can count one very famous shortstop among its fans, too: 

Lindor wasn't the only one tuning in. Billy Hamilton of the Reds was watching, too: 

Playing Australia on Saturday and needing a win to continue their hopes of reaching the title game, the Puerto Rico Little Leaguers took a page out of the adults' playbook and dyed their hair blonde, too. It seemed to work as the team won, 6-0, to keep its championship hopes alive.