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Freddie Freeman did not want any part of the Pirates calling for replay on a pickoff attempt

There's so much to like about instant replay in baseball. Close calls can sometimes be the difference in a ballgame, and it's best for all involved when you can take a second look to make sure the umpire was correct. Why not try to avoid controversy?

Sometimes, though, teams are too hasty about going to replay on calls that just aren't going to go in their direction. That can be tedious for the players on the field, and that's what Freddie Freeman was trying to avoid in the first inning of the Braves' 6-5 win over the Pirates on Thursday.

Freeman was on first base with two outs when a pickoff throw came over from pitcher Joe Musgrove. He was safe on the dive back, but for a moment, it seemed like the Pirates might challenge the call. Freeman did everything he could to discourage it:

You think the Pirates got the message? It'd be hard to miss.

At first you might think that Freeman was hoping to get away with something based on these reactions, but he really just wanted to get on with it. He's a veteran, after all. The Pirates already burned a challenge on a call that was upheld earlier in the inning, so come on! He has things to do!

I have to admit that Freeman's adamant gestures make for a pretty great reaction GIF, too.

Agreed, @Braves (and Freddie). When will people learn?