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Head to a Braves game this year and take home one of these outrageous custom posters

Everyone knows that you can't properly remember an event without a physical keepsake. Whether it's a little vial of sand from the beach, a Broadway Playbill or a poster from your favorite band's latest tour, a physical object helps jog the memory -- and looks really cool on a wall or shelf.

If you go to a Braves home game this season, you can walk away with a poster to commemorate the event. For each 2019 home series, the Braves are partnering with local artists to design concert-style posters. I was raised as a Phillies fan and even I want one:

Because each poster is designed by a different artist, each series gets its own unique vibe.

For their current series against the Pirates, the poster is a Braves-themed treasure map:

Next time you go to SunTrust Park, then, you can come away with something to hang up right next to your poster from the time the Beatles played at Shea Stadium. They're pretty much the same thing.