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The brawl between the Reds and Pirates produced an image worthy of an art museum

Each era of art has a distinctive style. Even a neophyte can likely walk through a museum of art and offer an accurate guess of a given painting's era of origin. It's not hard to tell a Renaissance painting from a work of modern art.

But sometimes an artist from a later era imitates the hand of a predecessor. During Sunday's game between the Reds and Pirates, a brawl broke out. You'd be forgiven if you assumed this image was a painting depicting a battle from the American Revolutionary War.

I mean, the similarities are striking.

It also looks mighty fine as Renaissance art, by the way.

The image of the Reds and Pirates clearing their benches may not be quite as old as the art paying tribute to the heroism of the American Revolution, but it seems cut from the same cloth. Given time, it may well find its place alongside those iconic images.