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Mouths watered as the Tacos played a baseball game against the Margaritas

The culinary world is full of classic combinations. Hamburger and fries. Cookies and milk. Bangers and mash. Tacos and margaritas.

On Sunday night, the two came together in El Paso, Texas, for the most delicious and refreshing baseball game ever as the Triple-A El Paso Margaritas hosted the Fresno Tacos.

The Fresno Grizzlies have been playing as the Tacos for every Tuesday home game since 2016. The El Paso Chihuahuas started regularly playing as the Margaritas this season as part of the Copa de la Diversión -- a celebration of the Hispanic and Latino communities in many Minor League cities -- since the margarita originated in El Paso.

Fresno obviously had to make an exception to their rules to show up as the tacos on the road and on a Sunday. With a night of taco and margarita specials as the reward, there probably won't be too many sticklers.