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On his way to third base, Gleyber Torres' cleat went flying in the air

Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres is off to a fast start to his career. He brought a .319 average and nine dingers into Friday night's game against the Orioles. Seemingly nothing can slow down the 21-year-old.
That was the case until the fifth inning when Torres roped a line drive down the left-field line and attempted to stretch it into a triple. One problem: On his way, his left cleat came off his foot and went flying in the air:

Perhaps because his left foot got less traction on his last couple of strides into third base, Torres was thrown out. Speaking to's Bryan Hoch, Torres agreed that losing the cleat may have been the difference between out and safe. "When I lost my shoe I think the couple of seconds [caused] the out at third base," he said.
Unfortunately for other teams, this doesn't seem to offer a permanent strategy for slowing the rookie down. Next time around, he'll probably just tie his cleat tighter or double-knot it and be right back in business.