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Curtis Granderson made a nice running catch and was rewarded with pats from Blue Jays fans

Curtis Granderson has made friends just about everywhere he's played during his 15-year career. That trend has continued with his newest team, the Blue Jays, and their fans have enjoyed watching him hit .269/.433/.462 over his first 37 games.
However, hitting has always only been part of the equation with Granderson. He has some pretty impressive defensive plays on his resume, and he put his glove in the spotlight on Friday night against the A's.
In the top of third, Marcus Semien cracked a fly ball down the right-field line. As the ball reached the narrow foul territory there, Granderson raced over to make a smooth running catch. The fans were pleased:

That's the kind of player/fan relationship you want to see.
It's just too bad that there was no nearby food for Granderson to sample as a reward, à la Don Mattingly.

Next time, perhaps.