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You can't knock the hustle of Austin Hedges, who ran straight into the Nats dugout chasing an errant throw

The lines of demarcation on the baseball diamond are rigid. One dugout is for one team, and the other dugout is for the opposing team. That's a rule that is seldom, if ever, broken.

It was broken in Sunday's Padres-Nats game, courtesy of San Diego catcher Austin Hedges and his all-out effort attempting to prevent an errant throw from rolling into the Nats' dugout.

Hedges' amazing attempt didn't quite work, as Howie Kendrick reached second anyway (as Hedges' momentum barreled him down the steps of the Washington dugout, where a shocked Juan Soto and his colleagues were waiting), but you can't knock that type of hustle. That's a strong play.

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