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Hernan Perez's 48-mph pitch could be the slowest ever, but Austin Barnes still couldn't avoid getting hit by it

The Brewers were trailing the Dodgers, 11-2, heading into the seventh inning on Sunday, so why wouldn't they bring a position player in to pitch? Don't deny it -- you love when this happens. But this particular pitch by infielder Hernán Pérez was weirder than any other you'll likely see.
In the top of the seventh inning, Perez faced Austin Barnes and threw a 48-mph slider at him -- literally at him. The pitch hit Barnes' back, but it looked like he was going to be OK:

Don't rub it, Barnes.
Perez himself appeared to be almost amused by the pitch:

This wasn't the ideal scenario, but he did manage to strike out Alex Wood in the next at-bat. Then Chris Taylor lined out and the newly acquired Manny Machado grounded out. So all in all, not a bad inning for Perez. He ended up giving zero runs in two frames.
He also wasn't the only Brewers' position player dabbling in pitching that afternoon. Catcher Erik Kratz gave a dazzling performance on the mound -- and just watch this knuckleball delivery:

It looks like the Brewers are taking their pitching depth to a whole other level.