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Hunter Pence's offseason routine includes working out, lounging by the pool and great food

Have you ever wondered what a player's typical offseason day looks like? We always see videos of players working out, but we know, of course, that no one spends their entire day in the gym. Maybe in the rest of their waking hours they're just like us on our off days: running a couple errands, but otherwise just lazing about at home.
On Wednesday, Hunter Pence brought his wife, Alexis, around with him as he went about his typical offseason business, which includes working out and hitting baseballs plus plenty of gardening and good food:

Between his board game cafe and jealousy-inducing vacations, it's been clear for a long time that Pence is living his best life. But, we never actually knew what that best life looked like. Now we know that Pence's life is at least as fun as we thought.