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Hunter Pence tried to 'doorbell ditch' Joey Gallo, but Gallo wasn't fooled

2019 has been a year of change for veteran Hunter Pence. After several years as one of the leaders of the Giants, he has moved on to the Rangers.

For some players, that might be a challenge, but not for Pence -- partly because the Rangers happen to be his hometown team, but more importantly because he's an extrovert whose sheer enthusiasm can help him bond with pretty much anyone.

Pence made the Opening Day roster and hasn't looked back. Now, he's so comfortable that he's playing "doorbell ditch" pranks on his teammates, namely Joey Gallo.

I should rephrase that -- he's trying to play pranks. Gallo wasn't having it:

Pence has to be a little stealthier next time about where he props his camera. He was just asking for Gallo to startle him when he tried to sneak up on the hotel room door again.

Maybe Bill Nye has some tips? He's a smart dude. Think on that, Hunter.