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Say goodbye to Hunter Pence's facial hair situation, as he's shaved it all off (!)

The start of a new baseball season is on the horizon. The start of a new month began on Wednesday. 
In the spirit of all things "new," Hunter Pence apparently saw fit to give himself a bit of a fresh look in time for the Giants' Spring Training game with the Dodgers. For context, here's how he looked just last week at Photo Day:

And -- brace yourselves -- here's what he looked like at the plate on Wednesday night: 

If you'd prefer a still shot of this in order to fully process the image: 

Yes, that's the same Pence we all know and love. Just with a new look. 
But Pence, when asked by's Chris Haft about the change, didn't have much to say. In fact, all he said in terms of a reaction was, "It's just a shave." 
Hunter has a point, though. It is just a shave, and it will grow back ... if he lets it. Until then, we'll dedicate this Sarah McLachlan classic to his old look ...