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Hunter Renfroe narrowly missed hitting the umpire on a bat toss gone wrong

We all have those embarrassing, graceless everyday moments we hope no one was paying attention enough to notice. That time you stumble a bit just walking down the street in the middle of the day or when you somehow pour the cereal two inches to the right of the bowl.

When these things happen, you survey the area in the hopes no one was around to see and then move on -- face slightly red -- as if nothing had happened.

During Saturday's game against the Rockies, Padres outfielder Hunter Renfroe did not have the luxury of a secluded street or an empty kitchen. After he drew a walk against German Marquez, he tried to perform the routine action of tossing his bat toward the dugout. It didn't go quite as planned:

Luckily, Renfroe's errant toss avoided hitting home-plate umpire Bill Welke and fell -- relatively harmlessly -- to the ground. The bad news for Renfroe, of course, is that his awkward moment was captured on camera from multiple angles.