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Ian Happ stopped by The Weather Channel to give a game day forecast

Ian Happ can handle himself successfully on the field, and apparently, he can also handle himself giving on-camera game day weather reports.
Happ stopped by The Weather Channel on Wednesday to give a weather forecast before the Braves' 4-1 win over the Cubs game in Atlanta -- and he did rather well. He even suggested they hire him.

The weather called for some lightning that "looked a little dicey," so he was hoping it wouldn't impact the game. Earlier in the evening, the conditions looked like batting practice was still going to take place -- so that was good news. Happ is from Pittsburgh, so he also gave the report on that area. And, as a bonus, he threw in a forecast as well for Thursday's Padres-Pirates matchup, and mentioned there would be rain.
Be sure to watch the end of the clip for his bloopers. Being on television and talking about the weather is not as easy as you may think.