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'I'm Keith Hernandez:' David Ortiz tests out famous 'Seinfeld' line in front of Keith Hernandez

The FOX Sports pre and postgame crew this postseason is an entertaining array of former baseball stars. Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Keith Hernandez and Frank Thomas sit beside host Kevin Burkhardt, analyzing games, comparing players and, um, asking each other to kiss their World Series rings:

Yes, as you may have guessed, there is a lot of joking around. And after discussing the Yankees' exciting 1-0 win over the Indians on Sunday, it was time for some more joking around. Burkhardt brought up the fact that Seinfeld creator Larry David had been in the studio and snapped a photo with Seinfeld alum Hernandez. Keith was then called upon to perform his famous line and everybody loved it.

Big Papi, seemingly a big fan of the show, tried it out himself:

Not bad, but it's hard to top the original.