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I'm sorry, but 'Dad bod' theme jerseys are real and now you have to look at them

You should be happy in your own body. You should flaunt it proudly, whether you're wide, thin, tall, short, whatever. The independent Florence Freedom, however, may have taken that sentiment a little too far with their "Dad Bod" jerseys in honor of Father's Day.

Now, there's nothing wrong with a Dad bod. In fact, there's at least one study which suggests that they lead to the happiest and most attractive men out there. There is something wrong with this, though:

Somehow, scanning, flattening, and turning the human body into an oversized button-down shirt doesn't turn it into a celebration of the human form worthy of Michelangelo. As for how they looked on the field, well, about like you'd expect: terrifying and bizarre.

So, just remember: Be proud of your body. Because it's beautiful -- and it would look terrible on a jersey.