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Jacob deGrom chopped off his luscious locks, but he's pulling off the new 'do

If you happen to come across Jacob deGrom in the near future, he may look a bit different to you -- or very different to you. Yup, the pitcher who is known for his luscious locks has given himself a new hairdo, and he's pulling it off well.
Jose Reyes took to his Snapchat to announce he had a "new teammate," who greeted Reyes' followers. This new teammate was just Mets pitcher deGrom with a lot less hair on his head. He had a huge smile on his face, so it doesn't seem to be a forced decision.

Here are a few GIFs to remind you of the flowy locks that once were:

And Mr. Met will have to figure out a different look for the 2018 season:

The hairflip will never be the same.