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Jacob deGrom hit one home run in college, and it just happened to be off Chris Sale

Jacob deGrom has been dominant this year. He's making a case for himself as this season's National League Cy Young Award recipient, boasting a 1.71 ERA with a career-high 11.03 K/9 rating and 239 strikeouts in 195 innings thus far.
Oh, and he's been pretty successful at the plate as well. He currently has five RBI's of his own with 11 hits. Now, we know hitting doesn't necessarily play into Cy Young Award considerations, but his hitting abilities aren't a huge secret. After all, he did hit a home run in college -- and it just so happened to be off of Chris Sale.
Yep -- that Chris Sale.
In the top of the second inning during the opening game of the 2010 Atlantic Sun Conference Championship tournament, deGrom hit the first home run of his collegiate career over the right-field fence. Sale was just recently named the league's Pitcher of the Year and was starting for the No. 1 seed, Florida Gulf Coast University:

The Stetson Hatters ultimately lost to Sale and the Eagles, 9-4.
Talk about an interesting trip down memory lane.
The two will start against one another again on Sunday as the Red Sox host the Mets. And no matter what happens, there will always be the time that deGrom took Sale yard.