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Jarrod Dyson made a leaping catch at the wall despite being defended by his teammate

There's nothing more annoying than when someone or something gets in your way just as you're about to finish a task. That phone call that comes just as you're finally about to hang that picture. Or, that flat tire you get on the way home from the grocery store. 
In the sixth inning of Monday night's game against the Brewers, D-Backs outfielder Jarrod Dyson was just about to finish his job of making a leaping catch on Travis Shaw's fly ball when -- out of nowhere -- his teammate David Peralta appeared between him and the ball. That didn't matter to Dyson, who made the catch anyway:

As Dyson showed with his catch, sometimes it's best to just fight through that last-minute obstacle that tries to get in your way. Except for a flat tire, though -- you don't want to drive on that.