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Javier Baez displayed his amazingly fast reflexes on a ball he definitely shouldn't have touched

Javier Báez (officially known as El Mago for Players' Weekend) may have the fastest reflexes in the game. Like a frog snatching a fly out of the air with its tongue, Baez slaps tags down like no one else, evades tags like no one else and makes the seemingly impossible appear routine. 
He was back at it again during the Cubs' 10-6 win against the Reds on Saturday. Only problem? When Baez quickly leaped to snag the baseball, he was in the batter's box ... and it was a live ball. Baez's quick reflexes may have kept Tommy La Stella from advancing from third (though it didn't look likely that the ball would have bounced far enough away anyhow). 

Baez made up for it by walking to end the at-bat, which is almost equally amusing as he entered the game with the 10th fewest walks this year among qualified batters. But isn't that what magic is -- getting the unexpected?