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Denard Span made sure Jed Lowrie got his cardio in, assisted him to a Little League home run

Nobody likes going to the gym. You get sweaty, tired and it's much harder than sitting on your couch and eating a bag of Sugar Frosted Pork Rinds 'n Stuff. Sometimes we need a little push. On Saturday, Jed Lowrie got the push from Denard Span.  
On the final day before regular-season games start up, Lowrie had to race around the bases as Denard Span assisted him to a Little League home run. Driving the ball to deep center field in the bottom of the third inning, Span was charged with two errors on the play. 

Thanks to the exhausting, high-impact cardio, Lowrie now has no need to get on the treadmill later, which means more time for that Saturday night classic, "48 Hours." 
As Lowrie told's Jane Lee, "We don't practice sprinting from home to home very often."