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The Mets' Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso are baseball's newest best friends and it's adorable

Just look at those two in the above photo. Aren't they adorable?

They can't even decide who deserves to catch the ball more. Who's more worthy than the other? Neither, is the correct answer. They're wholesomely equal.

It's like when two best friends go get ice cream together and there's only a scoop of mint chocolate chip left.

"You have it," one will say.

"No, you!" says the other.

"Let's share!" both of them smile and say at the same time.

That's Mets stars Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso. They play next to each other on the field (McNeil at second base, Alonso at first), they bat next to each other in the lineup and, like any pair of best friends, they compliment each other constantly. Look at McNeil's tweets at the beginning of the season. He was so happy that his former Minor League teammate Pete made the team:

SO happy.

Best friends wish each other happy birthday on social media so everybody can see. They also call each other goobers.

They have inside jokes and joyfully talk about them in front of other people.

They also let the other have their time in the limelight.

But again: The ultimate compliments and bashful reactions.

We just have one question: Are they even the best best friends in their own division?