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Ozzie Albies straight-up chomped on Ronald Acuña Jr.'s shoulder prior to Saturday's game

"We're more than best friends," Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies has said of Ronald Acuña Jr. "We're brothers to each other."

That's true in the traditional, heart-warming sense: The two phenoms came up through Atlanta's Minor League system together, becoming inseparable along the way -- rooming together, building a wardrobe together, feeling their feelings together, launching dingers together.

But it's also true in a different sense: Like any self-respecting brothers, they absolutely cannot stop messing with each other. We've seen this movie before -- here's Albies (the pestering little brother in this metaphor) giving Acuña bunny ears, here's Acuña yanking Albies' hair -- but over the weekend the two took it to a whole new level. Prior to Saturday's game against the Mets, Albies decided to quickly chomp on his teammate:

And then, on Sunday, Albies' reign of terror continued:

Tune in next week, when we can only assume that Acuña will retaliate by pulling the classic "roll a quarter down your face" trick, at which point Albies is totally gonna tell on him to mom.