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Jesse Winker outright broke the laws of physics to avoid a tag at third base

I've seen plenty of wild approaches in attempts to score a run. Chris Coghlan and Jason Kendall come to mind for their successful leaps of faith into home plate.

At third base, however? I've never seen any kind of jump successfully executed. Frankly, I never expected to see one.

On Thursday night, the Reds' Jesse Winker did just that while going for a triple against the Brewers. It looked like the relay throw to Travis Shaw easily had him dead in the water at the hot corner.

Then, without warning, Winker entered another plane of existence to avoid the tag.


I repeat: How?

The replay review confirmed what seemed impossible at the time: Winker was safe. I don't know how it's possible that he could have dodged Shaw's glove, but he did. I could watch this video another 100 times and not figure it out.

May Winker keep shining on in his mysterious ways.