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Joe Kelly confirmed we will see more of Jim Buchanan throughout the season

Our favorite sideline reporter is back in the news today. Yep -- Jim Buchanan (or Jimmy B.) was highlighted by his alter ego Joe Kelly during an in-game interview and we got a few more tidbits on Mr. Buchanan.
During Saturday's Rays-Red Sox matchup, Kelly gave us all the tidbits on what it was like to play Jimmy B. While we know a special makeup team put in a lot of work to make this look happen, we also found out we will be seeing Buchanan throughout the season -- and that's the greatest news ever.

So far, this unique reporter has a resume filled with a David Ortiz interview, some small talk with Dustin Pedroia and even escaped security:

We can't wait to see what other shenanigans Joe Kelly -- er, Jim Buchanan gets into this season.

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