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Joey Gallo reached over the outfield wall to help himself to a mid-game snack

We've all been there. You're at a party, or a barbecue, or a restaurant and you see it: A plate of food, seemingly untouched and abandoned. It looks good. It smells good. You want it -- but surely, you can't grab a few bites? I mean, what if the person comes back? Joey Gallo didn't worry about that. 
The homer-hitting slugger saw some abandoned food (it appears to be popcorn) sitting over the outfield wall during the Rangers-Padres game on Saturday and decided to have a little snack. 

Fortunately for Gallo, he hit a home run before his deliciously forbidden treat, otherwise the rules of baseball superstition would have required that he continue to filch some food before every at-bat. 
While Gallo thought he was being sneaky with his thievery, he's far from the first person to grab a bite mid-game. Most players just choose to do it while locking eyes with their chow provider. 
Gerrado Parra snagged some sunflower seeds, Prince Fielder munched on some nachos and Don Mattingly famously pilfered some popcorn. 

Perhaps the greatest of all was when Orlando Arciatook a bite of some fan's ice cream. Not only did he help himself, but he first had to borrow a spoon: