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Joey Votto continued to give us reasons to root for him during another fantastic in-game interview

Joey Votto is the gift that keeps on giving. He recently provided us with an engaging and knowledgeable interview during MLB Network's "30 Clubs in 30 Days" where he broke down hitting and gave an outlook for the Reds this season.On Sunday, Votto continued his lovable antics during an in-game interview with FOX Sports Ohio's Jim Day.
During the Reds-Indians game, the first baseman initially gave Day an opportunity to point out where Votto should send the ball during his next at-bat. And, well -- the advice wasn't great, but Joey was still willing to give it a try:

Votto also had a segment suggestion: "Gym Day with Jim Day." This would entail Reds players working out with the on-field reporter. Votto volunteered to be the first guest, but Jim had a slight issue with the apparel ... 

And if you were wondering what type of exercises both Votto and Day do, they have something in common -- walking:

Keep doing you, Votto.