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Joey Votto took a Kyle Schwarber foul ball and launched it into the Wrigley stands

Reds first baseman Joey Votto is very good at baseball, but sometimes he just takes a break from all that and does something really weird. 
The latest exhibit of evidence in support of that came in the third inning of Monday night's game against the Cubs. On a foul ball from Kyle Schwarber, Votto went over to pick it up and, instead of tossing it in the first row, he wound up to launch it into the Wrigley Field seats.

Maybe he let up a little bit at the end, but that was likely to just keep the ball in the stadium.'s Mark Sheldon reported that the ball landed in the second section of the lower bowl.
Later in the same game, Votto found himself thrust into a truly weird situation as the Cubs countered him with a four-man outfield. So, what did he do? The weirdest thing one can do against a four-man outfield: Hit a double.

We'd suggest making "Keep Votto Weird" T-shirts, but that weirdness doesn't seem to be in any danger of going away.